Chemical Peels

Modern chemical peels are safe and effective.  All chemical peels exfoliate your skin cells to make healthy new skin at a faster rate than normal.  We offer light to moderate peels.  Peels improve overall skin health including:  clearing pores, removing sun damage, and softening lines.  Peels are great used in a series for correction or quarterly for maintaining beautiful skin.  Denise and Mindy will choose the appropriate peel for you based on skin type and goals.

Illumize or Glycolic Peels: Very gentle peels

Moisturizing Peel:  Very light lactic acid peel to remove dry skin, great added to a facial

Brightening Peel:  Office favorite, great light to slightly moderate peel perfect for maintenance or first time peel

Mini Gloss Peels:  Range of peels for all skin types, from lighter to more moderate strength

Vitalize Peel:  Moderate strength peel for deep exfoliation

VI Peels:  Our deepest peels for acne prone patients or more advanced sun damage, heavier exfoliation