Saving Money on Beauty Products

We all know make-up and beauty supplies are expensive but what if we told you that you actually save money by cutting back on the amount you use everyday on your hair and skin.

Dr. Madhavi Kandula, board certified dermatologist, gives us the goods on the right amount to use.

Your Face:
Gel Cleanser: dime size drop
Creamy cleanser: nickle to quarter size
Foundation: dime size
Sunblock: pea size for face, and three grapes for body
Eye cream: a grain of rice for both eyes.
Face moisturizer: pea size
Body moisturizer: three grapes

Facial Treatments (i.e. Retin A, acne treatments): pea size

Shampoo: nickle for short hair; quarter for longer hair.
Conditioner: quarter for short hair, two quarter for longer hair.