Foods That Cause Sunburn

So you’re by the pool or on vacation by the ocean or lying down next to the river and you’re sipping a cocktail, that juice can burn if it drips on your skin.

It`s a skin condition called  “phytophotodermatitis” , a reaction caused by the chemicals in some fruits and plants. It’s most notably associated with limes, lemons, and celery and it makes your skin hypersensitive to the sun.

The Scary Signs
Within a day or two of exposure, you`ll notice some redness and irritation, which may include blistering in more severe cases,

the most noticeable result is hyperpigmentation, or brown spots, which appear up to a week later and can last for several months.

This reaction can show up on any spot on your body that was exposed to both the chemicals and the sun. ‘

Usually the cue is linear streaks from where they poured or spilled lime juice,’ says Green. ‘Or if they were squeezing lemon on their hair, they may see brown streaks on their faces.’

How to Deal  hydrocortisone cream

Prevention Tips
To avoid it from happening in the first place, take precautions when handling fruits outside (and note that these chemicals are also found in parsley, parsnips, dill, and various other fruits and plants).

‘Don`t mix drinks while in the sun, and wash hands immediately.