Do It Yourself Skin Care

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ. To keep it healthy and radiant, you may be tempted to spend lots of money in the beauty aisle.  Some of the remedies may be there in your home, but do they really work?

Dr. Madhavi Kandula gives some tips on some “do-it-yourself” skin care.

Use aspirin for acne

Toothpaste on pimples

Milk bath-sunburn

Soap, baking soda, toothpaste, banana on bug bites (itching)

Talcum/baby powder for oily hair

Diaper rash ointment for chafing/raw skin…


Salt, sugar, olive oil, cinnamon as exfoliating scrub

Rosemary oil for dry, itchy skin

Honey- moisture mask

Oats for dry itchy skin

~olive oil

Avocado as a moisture mask