Testimonial 67849

When people meet me, they are always surprised to learn how old I am because I look years younger then my age. In fact, often when out with my 30 something daughters, people think we are sisters rather then mother/daughters. I owe this very flattering occurrence and my youthful looks to Dr Kandula. Since becoming her patient many years ago, I have followed her advise to the letter, thus achieving amazing results. Besides making sure I have very few wrinkles, she has found pre-cancer spots very early so as to prevent surgery or other scaring procedures. She has also suggested wonderful products to stop adult on-set acne, sunburns and dark spots. Three years ago, I moved to Chicago, but I refused to stop seeing her. Now, when something appears on my face, I take a picture of it and she emails me back that same day! She can often address my problem via email, but if that’s not possible, I happily come back to St Louis to see her for treatment. I realize a large city like Chicago has many competent dermatologists, but I don’t trust anyone but her to take care of me. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding” and in my case, the proof is in my face!!!