From G.L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kandula for one year, previously seeing a plastic surgeon every four months for many years receiving Botox and dermal fillers but no direction on proper skin care, products or procedures for my aging skin. Dr. Kandula took the time to go through each of the products I was using (I took them with me) and advised me which to eliminate, what to incorporate and recommended a simple regimen which I have followed since that time and my skin looks amazing! I am particularly impressed with her injection skills and knowledge and use of all fillers which is what initially brought me to her office. Because of her expertise and technique I no longer routinely need filler every few months and have the proper replacement and balance of lost volume in my face which has turned back the clock in ways I could not have imagined and has been a visual advertisement of her work. Her office is impressive and professionally run and I expect to be a patient of hers for years to come.